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GinPin's product shot
Gin Bothy gin with Gin Bothy's custom pin
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Big names

Dinky wee pins!

Your favourite Scottish gins in the most collectible form yet!

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Series 1 & 2


Limited edition - 20 companies, 20 pins.


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GinPin's product shot

Sign ups - Online store access is yours first!

What's in the box?

  • 1 x Textured enamel pin

  • 1 x 5cl Gin

  • 1 x Coaster/Map piece (what's this...?)

One side of the coaster has the companies logo lasered into it but flip it over and you'll find a piece of a map - collect the series to complete a map of Scotland and pin where the badges are based! (or get more creative and show us how you use yours!)

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